Aktion Standesamt 2018 (english)

The campaign „Aktion Standesamt 2018“ fights for a new and queer law of civil status that caters to the needs of inter* and non-binary people and effectively protects them from discrimination. This germany-wide alliance of trans*, inter* and queer groups advocates both for the elimination of a gender entry in the public registry as well as a self-determined, so-called Third Option: At birth the gender entry should remain open for everybody. Later on in their lives, any person who wishes to do so should be able to have their correct gender entry being registered.

In September 2017 the German Federal Constitutional Court issued its ground-breaking decision regarding the Third Option: the right to a positive third gender entry – thus neither male nor female – in official documents instead of the hitherto sole option of an empty gender entry. Since then the fundamental rights of inter* and non-binary people – people who identify neither as male nor female – are emerging into the focus of public attention. So is their claim to equal participation in society. However, the current law is not considering the needs of inter* and non-binary people – this has to be changed by a new law until the end of the year 2018.

The campaign invites you to participate in its germany-wide action week starting on 8th of October 2018. People who want their gender entry to be removed or changed participate in the action week by collectively visiting their registry office and filing an application for their own correct gender entry. On 13th of October 2018, „Aktion Standesamt 2018“ ends their action week with a final huge demonstration in Berlin.

Our campaign addresses all for whom the current gender entry options and processes in Germany are unsatisfying and insufficient. Supportive accomplices of all genders are welcome.

If you are interested in further information, please contact us by E-Mail info@aktionstandesamt2018.de